Steel frame buildings are fully engineered. All the framework is carefully calculated to ensure the building will be both safe, and functional. This eliminates the needs for skilled labour on site, such as carpenters or bricklayers.


On average, the cost to build a steel frame building is up to 4 times less than other build methods. This saving allows for contractors to guarantee a cost-efficient build for the end user.


Our buildings can come fully panelised, or even in modular format. Due to the current housing crisis, many companies are now looking at off-site construction to save both time on site and also reduce mess and disruption.

Speed Of Build

Our technology allows us to produce framework at a speed of up to 800 metres an hour. All frames are easily erected on site, and all services holes are pre-punched. This combined means a much quicker build time and therefore lower labour costs.

No Waste

All of our steel is recycled, and the machinery is accurate to within the millimetre. We therefore experience no waste and will only run exactly what is required. This, in turn, means you are only having to pay for exactly the amount of material required.

In-House Team

Our experienced, in-house team consists of structural engineers, architects, machine operatives and visualisation designers. We can therefore assist from start to finish, meaning you won’t need to out-source and risk miscommunications. It also means any changes you may need are easily done so, as all the team is under the same roof.

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