More and more people are looking towards their garage as a way of creating extra living space for their homes. Not only does it improve their quality of life but garage conversions in Surrey are a more cost effective option compared to the expense of moving home.

At My Building Company we’re experts at helping homeowners who are searching for conversion solutions to their home. Whether you own a single or double garage, we have a professional team ready to offer their creative ideas so you get the most out of your garage.

There are four main types of garage conversions in Surrey to choose from:

Full Integral Single Garage Conversion

Integral garages are attached to the main property and are built within one of the main walls of the property. An ‘integral’ door is set into the wall that allows the occupants to move directly from the house into the garage. This is the most popular type of garage conversion and one of the most cost effective. They are usually made into kitchen extensions, home offices, utility rooms or playrooms.

Double Integral Garage Conversion

This build is the same as above but twice the size. The biggest difference between the two is it requires more work and creates a huge amount of additional space once completed. Car owners may also be able to continue parking their vehicle inside while still benefitting from the extended room.

Part Integral Garage Conversion

Homeowners searching for garage conversions in Surrey who are working to a tight budget often choose this option. Only part of the garage is converted to create extra space while the other section can still be used for storage. This also means the conversion can be constructed very quickly which is ideal for those who need a quick solution.

Detached Garage Conversion

Single or double detached garage conversions in Surrey are not attached to the main property. They stand by themselves either in front, behind, or next to the house. In most cases this will mean more work due to the extra insulation required. Sometimes a direct link can be built between the house and garage depending on how close they are situated to each other.

Garage Refurbishment

My Building Company don’t only create the best garage conversions in Surrey, we also provide a complete refurbishment service if required. No matter what type of garage you own, we have the experience to make the changes you need.

Garage Roof Replacement

Our low maintenance roofing systems are made of the highest quality materials to replace your old roof and will create the perfect finish for the structure. In many cases we can remove and install a new roof within as little as a day.

PVCu Windows and Personal Access Doors

These add a brilliant finish to a converted garage, especially when a new work or living space has been created. We have a great range of uPVC doors and windows to choose from, or you can even opt for alternatives such as bi-folding or French doors for something extra special.

Garage Door Replacements

Over time the garage door will start to show signs of wear and tear and a replacement will eventually be needed. We have everything from classic traditional designs, through to contemporary modern options to suit all types of garage conversions in Surrey.

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